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Application Guidelines for Taiwan Cinema Toolkit


I. In order to promote Taiwan cinema and documentaries, Taiwan Cinema Toolkit (TCT) provides FREE non-profit screenings and selected themes for international cultural organizations for use. Starting from 2014, TCT has accumulated more than 160 films and make them available on DVD. Since 2016, there are more than 40 films added and could be screened in DCP, Blu-ray, and DVD format.


II. Films of Taiwan Cinema Toolkit are available to the following applicants for free screening

a. Nonprofit organizations or institutes related to film, arts, humanities, or culture;

b. Schools or any other academic institutions;

c. Other organizations certified by the Ministry of Culture or Taiwan Film Institute.


III. Terms and conditions for screening films of Taiwan Cinema Toolkit are as follows:

a. Every event could apply for up to 5 free screenings. Priority are provided for events in use of the “DCP and Blu-ray Showcase, 2017”films list. The applicant is welcome to organize more screenings by paying screening fees.

b. The shipment fees could partly be paid by TCT. The applicant has to return the films before the deadline by the shipment service as marked on the application form. If the applicants do not return the materials on time, they cannot use the TCT service in the future.

c. The applicant mustcomplete the “Taiwan Cinema Toolkit Application Form” and attach it to a mail sentto 20 business days before the scheduled event. Pleasewrite “Application of Taiwan Cinema Toolkit” for the mail subject. We highlywelcome screening proposals and plans.

d. ‘’Taiwan Cinema ToolkitLogo should be displayed on the promotional materials of the screening event.After the event, the applicant needs to provide information regarding mediacoverage andaudience attendance, with at least 5 eventphotos) and email it to within 12 businessdays.

IV. Not all TCT films can be screened in all areas. Please pay attention to the authorization description of each film. Applicants wishing to screen a film in formats not authorized to TCT or obtain commercial usage should contact the film’s rights holder. (For contact information, please consult the TCT website.


V.  TCT DVDs should not be duplicated, distributed, altered, edited, publicly transmitted, or broadcast publicly on television.


VI. Taiwan Cinema Toolkit project office can be reached via email: or telephone at (+886) 2-2392-4243 #356.

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