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Application Guidelines for Taiwan Cinema Toolkit


I. To promote non-profit screenings and academic activities of Taiwanese films, Taiwan Cinema Toolkit (TCT) has accumulated over 180 films on DVD since its inception in 2013. From 2016, TCT began providing high-quality formats such as DCP and Blu-ray to screening organizers.TCT also supports public screening fees for some high-quality format screening sat medium-sized or above screening events.


II. Films of Taiwan Cinema Toolkit area available to the following applicants for free screening:

a. Non-profit organizations orinstitutes related to film, arts, humanities, or culture;

b. Schools or any other academic institutions;

c. Other organizations certified by the Ministry of Culture or Taiwan Film Institute.


III. To apply for TCT, please first choose your screening format. Terms and conditions are as follows: 


i. Most of TCTs DVD materials are only available for screening when the event is co-organized with Taiwan's representative offices. Please contact your nearest office to check the films availability. Application can be made via the Taiwan representative office 20 business days prior to the day of screening, or by emailing TCT:


ii. Each application allows up to 5 free screenings. Depending on the budget, TCT may fully cover or subsidize the approved applications public screening fees. If the applicant wishes to hold more screenings, or if TCT is under constrained budget, the applicant will cover the screening fees.


iii. Applications for 3 TCT DVDs fromCentral Motion Pictures Corporation—Pushing Hands (1991), Dustin the Wind (1986), and Jump Ashin!(2011) —need to bemade 20 business days prior to the day of screening. Only upon receiving an affirmative response from TCT may the film be loaned out.


iv. Kuei-Mei, aWoman (1985), Dustin the Wind (1986), Pushing Hands (1991),Rebelsofthe Neon God (1992), Somewhere Over the Dreamland (2002),7 Days in Heaven (2010), Monga (2010),Soul (2013), It Takes Two to Tango (2014), The Fourth Portrait (2010), When Love Comes (2010), Fantôme,où es-tu? (2010), Jump Ashin!(2011), and Partners in Crime (2014) can be provided with Spanish subtitles. Please specify if you would prefer to receive a Spanish subtitled version of the above.


b. Blu-ray and DCP  

i. Not all TCT films have high-quality formats. Please consult the TCT list for available high-quality format films,and send the application to 45 days prior to the day of screening. We welcome screening proposals and plans.


ii. Each application allows up to 5 freescreenings. Depending on the available TCT budget, TCT may fully cover or subsidize the approved applications public screening fees. Priority is given to the use of the current years Blu-ray and DCP line-up. If the applicant then wishes to hold further screenings, or if TCT is under constrained budget, the applicant will cover the cost of the screening fees. Thus, applicants are advised to apply as early as possiblefor the best chance of receiving screening subsidy.


III. Films should be returned by the designated time and shipping method. Depending on the budget, TCT may assistinpaying part of the shipping cost. Again, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible if they wish to request shipping costs.


IV. ‘‘Taiwan Cinema Toolkit’’ logo or name should be displayed on the promotional materials for thescreening event. After the screening, the applicant is required to fill in a screening report providing information on media coverage,audience attendance and at least 5 event photos, and email it to within 10 business days.


V. Not all TCT films can be screened in all areas. Please take note of the authorization description of each film,including the authorization period.Applicants wishing to screen a film in formats not authorized to TCT or obtain commercial usage should contact the films rights holder. For contact information, please visit official TCT website at


VI. TCT DVDs are not allowed to be duplicated, distributed, altered, edited, publicly transmitted, or broadcast publicly on television.


For enquiries, please contact ortelephone at (+886) 2-2392-4243#355 

For contacting Taiwan Foreign Offices & Embassies, please refer to the link.

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